The Founding Principles of Hahn-Tech, LLC are derived from a lifetime of study and work.

Trading Platform Tutorials

Trading Platform Tutorials

This website exists to provide practical and useful instruction on various topics. The highest goal is enabling others to accomplish more with greater precision and fewer resources.

Our mission statement: “Maximum Precision Through Intelligent Use of Minimal Resources” is the result of a 23+ year career in the HVAC industry. The last half of which was spent as an Operations Manager for both Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.

During this time I developed an obsession with optimization and simplification of workflows. Not surprisingly, the topic of this site was originally intended to reflect my experience in data analysis and workflow automation. However a funny thing happened along the way. My other passion, stock market analysis, would come to dominate the content. I didn’t intend it that way. I merely responded to viewers like you. This site is here to serve the needs of our audience. As those needs are expressed, we respond with content and services to fill them.

So here we are, having started the site in October 2014, serving the needs of the trading community. More specifically, those in the trading community who are using a platform called Thinkorswim, by TD Ameritrade.

Hahn-Tech, LLC was founded in December 2013.

Services available include

  • Consultation on business software and technology
  • Contract work involving spreadsheet, database and software development
  • Instructional material and services

New Low Rates for 2019:

Consultation services are billed at $75 USD per hour with a two hour minimum. If during the first hour you determine our services are not a fit for your needs you may cancel with no commitment. Once the second hour commences the session becomes a billable service. After the initial billable consultation, subsequent consultations will be billed on an hourly basis. You will receive an invoice after the conclusion of any billable service.

**Software projects are billed at $75 USD per hour with a two hour minimum per project. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of each phase of a software project.

1. Receive project specifications from the client
2. Feasibility analysis performed to determine any elements of the specifications which cannot be supported by the trading platform.
3. Client is notified of any elements that cannot be accomplished.
4. Once items 2 and 3 have been resolved, work begins. No estimated cost or time to completion is provided at this stage.
5. As the work progresses I send screenshots showing the indicator plotted on a chart and/or wacthlist. Scan results and/or Strategy reports are included where applicable.
6. The client will confirm (through the analysis of the screenshots,  scan results and/or Strategy reports) the project produces results that match the specifications.
7. At this time I will provide a final price estimate to complete any remaining components of the project.
8. The invoice for the total amount will be sent to you from PayPal.
9. Once the invoice is paid in full you will receive the code via files attached to an email.

Larger sized projects may require a deposit before work commences.

Payment for all services will be processed through an invoice sent to you from PayPal. A valid email address is required.

There will be no charges associated with email correspondence unless otherwise specified after initial contact.

For those submitting a request for a customized trading platform solution, the following details help to reduce time and cost.

A good template to follow is listed below:

  1. List of conditions required in order for a signal to be valid
    1. For instance the position of price action above a moving average
  2. The trigger which is the last step to confirm a valid signal
    1. For instance a cross of one moving average over another

Be sure to include other details such as what type of functionality you would like:

  1. Chart based study
  2. Alerts?
  3. **Strategy for back testing
  4. Stock Scan
  5. Watch List Columns
  6. Text/Email alerts

** Projects including Strategies will increase the minimum cost to 3 hours at $75 USD per hour: $225 USD.

Just keep in mind that computer code only sees a yes or a no. There are no gray areas. So the specifications must be clear and precise.

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