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Hello Pete- First of all. The videos on this site are very informative and very well done.

After going through your AutoTrader session, I have tried to create conditional orders to replicate this simple strategy: Buy when the MACD crosses over. And Sell when the Diff reduces two bars in succession.

Buy signal condition: MACD().”Diff” crosses above MACD().”Avg” (image attached)

Sell Signal condition: plot exit = MACD().”Diff” is less than MACD().”Diff” from 1 bars ago and MACD().”Diff” from 1 bars ago is less than MACD().”Diff” from 2 bars ago (image attached)

I have created this using a simple 1st trgs OCO  (image attached). But unfortunately this conditional order is not getting triggered. If you look at the attached chart which shows the strategy plotted, there were at least 3 opportunities when this order could have been triggered.

I am couple of weeks into this and could be overlooking something. I have reviewed this multiple times and I am hoping you are able to help.


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Asked on July 8, 2020 1:41 pm
Pete- Thanks for such a prompt response. You are right, I did make an error in the buy signal instead of "Value" crossing above "Avg", I coded for "Diff" crossing over "Avg". I am sending the screen shots of the buy and sell Conditional Order windows by email as the comment section does now allow me to upload pictures anymore. Even with this error, as you pointed out the buy signal triggered once. Based on these latest screen shots, I hope you are able to determine why the order is not getting triggered? Thanks!
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I really don't have anything else to offer. There is nothing you did that I can see which prevents an order from being triggered. Only thing I found was the discrepancy between your chart strategy and your conditional order. The only additional detail I can cover is that it is not possible place both your entry order and your exit order at the same time. The entry order goes in first, then you wait for it to execute. Only once your are in a position are you able to enter the exit order. You cannot have two orders in opposite directions at the same time. The platform should not even permit that but if you have found some loop hole that allowed you to do that then this might explain why none of this is working for you.
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Final thought: practice this using Study Alerts first, pick something very simple like the built-in study MovingAvgCrossover. Once you get that working with Study Alerts, then log into PaperMoney and practice using Conditional Orders with that same study. Then move on to testing the signals from your chart strategy (using PaperMoney). Once you get everything working on PaperMoney than everything you learned there should work on the live account.
( at July 9, 2020 8:53 am)
Quick update....the conditional orders are getting executed in PaperMoney but not in Live Trading. I have scheduled a call with TD support desk to understand what's going on. I will provide another update after the call. FYI..the above order was entered as 1st Trigger OCO and that's the reason I was able to add the entry and exit order at the same time. Thanks.
( at July 14, 2020 11:35 am)
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I moved your question out of the "Frequently Asked Questions" topic and into the "Strategy Guide" topic. All questions related to chart strategies or conditional orders should be posted to the "Strategy Guide" topic.

You did an excellent job of including a detailed explanation and accompanying screenshots. However you did leave out one very important detail. We cannot see the Conditional Order window itself. I can see that you set the conditional order to 5 min time frame. But I cannot tell if you checked the box to included extended hours like you have your chart setup.

But I suspect that you have not properly copied the signal used in your strategy. Your Conditional Order is checking when the histogram of the MACD crosses above the Average of the MACD. These two are almost never combined in this way and when you examine the signals generated for this code we find there was only one occurrence for ticker symbol TTD in today's trade. Whereas your chart strategy shows a total of four.

I am attaching the missing screenshot from your post. I have added the MACD study to the Conditional Order window and you can see a single spike on the lower subgraph indicating where this order would have been triggered today.

Looks to me like your chart strategy is based on the cross of the MACD Value above the MACD Average. This discrepancy should not prevent the buy order from triggering but it will definitely cause your orders to trigger in a way that does not even remotely align with what y0u see on your chart.

In addition to this you will want to examine the sell order too and make sure you have correctly copied the signal being used in your chart strategy.

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Answered on July 8, 2020 2:46 pm