KBB Squeeze Scanner and Chart Results not matching


Hi Pete,

Thanks again for this site.  What a great resource!

When I setup a scanner using the indicator, as shown in the video, I set the KBB field to 1 and get a list of tickers that should be forming a green dot after any number of reds. However when I chart the results, most/all of the tickers are showing a series of green dots instead of just one. I have selected “daily” time frame in the scanner metric and I am charting daily bars. I am using the latest Trade Station software. Is the software working on the latest version? Am I missing something in the scanner setting? TPB is an example ticker…

Thank you!

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Asked on October 9, 2019 1:25 pm
Thanks for the quick response - I had originally tried the second method because I was already in EasyLanguage.  I pasted the .txt files again, and  logged out and back in and everything did verify as working.  On the radar screen, I was still showing all 1s for the KBB field.  I ended downloading the .eld file and copying over the files I had created and everything works great!  Surprisingly the easy method was easiest!!  I compared the working code in easy language to the .txt files and could not see any differences but there must have been something.  Thanks for the help!
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First thing to note is that whenever you reference something in a forum post it is absolutely essential you provide a link so that other viewers are able to get the full context of your request.

The video referenced in your request can be found here:


Second thing to mention is that you should always include a screenshot showing how you have things set up. I know you explained how your scan was set up but we can't actually see it to spot anything that might have been missed.

I just spent a few minutes to watch that video and followed the instructions to create a brand new scan. It returned a single stock, ticker symbol EMTL. When I bring that up on the chart it shows a single green dot on the KBB Squeeze.

Screenshot below shows the result and the settings used. Note that I am using TradeStation version 10.0 and I always process updates immediately.

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Answered on October 9, 2019 2:54 pm