Tigger each time specific stock crosses 200 period moving average


I would like to get an alert for the stock $GME every time it crosses above the 200-day moving average, is such an alert possible to be set? Thank you

My email is firstmajortom@gmail.com

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Asked on September 4, 2020 1:18 pm
Private answer
  1. From the MarketWatch tab, open the Study Alert window.
  2. Use the Condition Wizard to construct the crossover condition.
  3. Click the button named "Set Alert Rules" in the bottom left and check the box labeled "Recreate alert for reverse crossovers".
  4. Click Apply settings and then Create Alert

Screenshots below shows each of these steps.

Want to learn more about the Condition Wizard? Details here:



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Answered on September 4, 2020 3:54 pm