Trading Platform Tutorials

Trading Platform Tutorials

Trading Platform Tutorials

Welcome to Trading Platform Tutorials

in the Trading Platforms Tutorials section, you will find How-To guides for using and setting up trading platforms for various programs. Featured programs will be:

You will learn how to configure the platforms from the perspective of real professional traders. You will see how to avoid common pitfalls and optimize your screen real estate. The material will be posted in blog format, with embedded media.


Here is a sampling of topics which will be covered:
1. Setup a multiple time frame layout
2. Make the best use of screen real-estate
3. Save chart and workspace layouts
4. Work with multiple monitors
5. Customize existing studies
6. Build custom studies from scratch
7. Quarterly videos detailing new features added to the platform


View Trading Platform Tutorials on YouTube:

You can access all of the video content in this site directly from the Hahn-Tech YouTube Channel. The video content of the channel is organized into playlists. Each playlist consists of videos grouped by topics and/or projects.



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