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This website is all about: Helping traders make efficient use of available tools to achieve their goals

If you are looking for the contact form to submit a new custom project request, it has been moved to a new page: “Professional Services”

Created in 2014, the first additions to this website consisted of a handful of tutorial videos on Thinkorswim. Over time this grew to a library of over 70 videos. Feedback from viewers has played a major role in the selection of content, which eventually lead to publishing our first premium indicators (Apr 2016). The Q&A Forum was added in Nov 2016.

About My Motivations:

Now a brief word about the motivation behind this website, which is described in the heading at the top of this page. I want to help traders learn how to use the tools available to them, working smarter instead of harder. Teaching others also drives my main passions, helping others and learning new things. I am constantly looking for new things to learn so that I can teach a broader range of topics to a broader audience.


The only way I can make this sustainable is to convert my skills and knowledge into income. So please consider sharing this website with all your colleagues and fiends. If you find one of our premium trading tools fits your existing goals then please consider making a purchase. You may also consider a custom project request in which I take your own specifications and build a custom solution for your own private use. Check the link at the top of this webpage “Professional Services” for complete details. I also have a Patreon account in which you can subscribe to support my continued work. In the near future I will be adding new subscription levels in which I will provide educational resources well beyond the scope of this website. (once again, your feedback and suggestions will guide what content is included there).

About My Background:

Brief outline describing my qualifications and major events which prepared me for my current occupation

2001: Working for a Fortune 500 corporation, I built my very first Office Automate tool. Which was an MS Access DB application used to streamline the creation and tracking of commercial quotations.

2004: Working for a Fortune 100 corporation, I was enlisted to play a primary role in selecting and implementing a new e-commerce software system which impacted every facet of the business.

2007: Working for an independent wholesale distributor of HVAC products, I was enlisted to coordinate the transition of several factory owned branches to work under the new owners.

2012: Left the workforce to pursue my own path to become a professional trader. (still trying to work that part out)

2014: Created Hahn-Tech, LLC and began business operations which you are experiencing on this website.

2019: Experienced a severe health crisis which served to propel me to levels of health and fitness I did not believe were possible. (still riding that wave).

A Bit More Detail:

It was in 2001 that I began to appreciate my natural gift for learning and teaching. In order to fully implement the commercial quotation system I need to first learn how to writhe code. Then I needed to learn how to teach others to use it. That’s where I “caught the bug” of teaching. This is where I learned the importance of a properly configured user interface. In order to work efficiently, the user interface needs to be clear and uncluttered. A properly configured user interface should have easy access to the most widely used features and functions.

Implementing New Software:

The project in 2004 took each of those skills to new levels for me. First I had to learn how to use the new e-commerce software. Then I had to figure out how to do business using this tool. Which also required plenty of modifications to the software before it was ready. Once that was complete (or rather while still in the process of that…) I was responsible to teach each employee how to use this new software. Which also required I help them learn how to do new and different things which were not possible using the previous software. Oh, yeah… I also had to figure out how reconfigure the commercial quotation application (built in 2001) to integrate with this new e-commerce software.

Working Under New Ownership:

The transition from a Fortune 100 company back to an independent distributor was shocking, for all of us. This was probably the most challenging period of my corporate career. I had to learn a new software system (again) and find a way to convert our commercial quotations application to integrate with yet another e-commerce software package. There were other challenges as well as many opportunities ton build additional office automation tools.

Finally Jumping Ship:

Leaving that job in 2012 was a process which began 2 year prior. I had to revise my way of thinking about income security before I could envision myself as an entrepreneur. By this time I was not longer able to work for this company and I was desperate to escape. But my previous experience told me the only true path to freedom was to surrender financial security. There is no way to be truly free so long as your workload and working environment is determined by someone else. But you must except the insecurity of an uncertain level of income. And not everyone is able to make that jump. But I was truly desperate.

Cannot Trade My Way Out of a Box:

I attended a trading mentorship and received professional instruction in September 2012. This is also where I met my current long term trading partner Larry Newell. So very grateful for him. But I just was not cut out for trading. The very act of putting on a trade filled me with fear and dread. I am risk averse, to the extreme. By 2014, it was clear I was not going to be able to make a living trading. By this time my 401k had been fully liquidated and I was beginning to look for a job (ugh!). But I managed to get some contract work from an HVAC manufacturer. I built them a custom quotation system, much more advanced than the one I built previously. During the process I also learned to write Java, and became very effective at streamlining the Java code to run lean and mean. That was a real challenge which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Found My Niche:

During this time I began publishing YouTube videos with the idea to make money on advertising. The advertising income doesn’t pay the bills. But I was open to exploring additional revenue sources. Pretty soon, I was receiving email requests asking me to build custom trading tools. Then I published some premium trading tools of my own. From that point on I have been fully self-employed and doing all of my very favorite things. (I thank God every day for this blessing). My trading career has not turned out the way I had planned. But I am starting to come around and at this point I am able to trade, make a profit, and not loose my peace and serenity in the process.

Lessons From Near Death:

I did not want to close without providing some details on the health crisis of 2019. An entire book could be filled on this topic alone. But I’ll just say that I thank God every day that He allowed this to happen in my life. There were so many valuable lessons learned, too numerous to list. For those interested in detail, it was a gastrointestinal problem in which I nearly starved to death. Requiring surgery to correct. But it has served as a great motivation to:

  1. Stay physically fit
  2. Eat health, nutritious meals prepared here at home
  3. Maintain constant fellowship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  4. Take advantage of every opportunity to serve others
  5. Maintain a consistent “attitude of gratitude”
  6. Having done all of this, maintain adequate amounts of quality sleep

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  • Shade

    I’m new to this arena (futures) and I really like the Ichimoku cloud, and I’m currently interested in daily scalping on the 1-minute and sometimes 5-min charts. I got here from an Ichimoku/Parabolic SAR video of yours I found on YouTube. Just wondering – do you think one can scalp successfully on the 1 or 5-minute timeframe using Ichimoku? Do you have any tools that aid in that area? Besides that, I’m glad you’ve recovered from your health scare. Thank you for your time and response.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      I’m glad you found our website and thanks for posting your questions.

      I do not use the Ichimoku for my own trading so I have no opinion on the most effective way to use that.

      The only thing I have to offer are the free trading tools I have already published. If you are looking for a tool that will help you identify profitable setups that would be conducted using a chart strategy. Which his used for back-testing and optimizing setups.

      You will find our Ichimoku Chart Strategy on the following page: https://www.hahn-tech.com/thinkorswim-strategy-ichimoku/

  • Brian G.

    I was searching for a multi time frame MACD when I came across a post in Use Thinkscript that briefly mentioned your name (although I have known about your work for a while). You name was mentioned, but there was no indicator or code associated with the mention. Have you created a multi time frame MACD? If so, is there any way to see it? I only ask because the only 2 other multi frame MACD indicators I have run across did not quite suit my needs.

  • Robert Warren

    When I tried to watch the Demo Video for the Premium ThinkorSwim Volume Profile indicator the video was for a different indicator. I could not find your direct email contact.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Thanks for advising me of this error on our website. I have corrected this issue so the link should point to the correct page now. You many need to refresh the page on your browser before those changes take affect. To show my appreciation for reporting this error, I would like to extend to you a special discount of 10% if you choose to purchase this indicator in the next 24 hours.