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Sierra Chart Scans Demo 3

In “Sierra Chart Scans Demo” we take you step-by-step through the entire process. You will learn how import your list of ticker symbols. Along the way we’ll be sure to point out the technical details that can trip you up. Once the symbols are imported you’re just two clicks away from starting your scan. 

Sierra Chart Daily ATR Levels Indicator

In this one indicator we provide several of the key levels that are important to intraday traders. The historical record proves these levels provide strong price reactions when they are in play. Lacking this indicator, most professional traders are forced to manually draw these lines on their charts before the start of each trading day.

Sierra Chart Divergence Lines Indicator 2

Dynamically Displays Divergence on Live Charts Sierra Chart Divergence Lines Indicator plots diagonal lines on the price graph indicating where positive and negative divergence are present. Divergence is measured using patterns in the price action. First the code locates swing high and swing low pivots. Adjustable input called ‘lookback bars’ is used to adjust the […]