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MACD Multi Timeframe

I have been trying to create a MTF MACD crossover at a 30 min timeframe and show bullish or bearish while I’m on the 1 min timeframe. I am having problems getting the aggregation period to work. Hoping you could help, thanks! Def positive =MACD().”Value” crosses above MACD().”Avg”; Def negative =MACD().”Value” crosses below MACD().”Avg”; def […]

DMI Multi-Time Frame Indicator

Hi Pete, Can you create a multi-timeframe DMI Indicator that uses a Points painting strategy as opposed to lines, similar to the multi-timeframe MACD Indicator in the thinkscript code below. The points should turn green when the DI+ is above the DI- declare lower; input timeFrameOne = AggregationPeriod.FIFTEEN_MIN; input fastLength = 12; input slowLength = […]

Display MACD as Dots in Lower Study

Hi Pete, I asked a similar question in this thread about moving averages, which you helped me resolve. This is my last request for this type of indicator. Do you know how to create a lower chart study that plots when a MACD Value is greater than its Avg as dots as opposed to lines […]

Multiple Time Frame (MTF) Ichimoku

Hello sir, I was playing around with your MTF macd study to see if i could convert to be used the elements of Ichimoku So If your looking at an hourly chart, the normal settings would place all the elements at the respective levels. Is it possible to combine the Ichimoku elements based on MTF […]