Above average volume watch list column


I am looking for a watch list column that will be green background if the stocks current average volume is 500 thousand or more to be green with the value of the current average volume in black lettering and if under 500k the background will be red?

Thank You

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Asked on July 7, 2021 9:20 pm
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Solutions provided in this forum are meant to apply to the broadest range of traders. We are here to provide solutions to the most common questions faced by traders. As such, we try to avoid using fixed values for comparison because fixed values do not have broad application.

For example your request for a fixed value of 500k shares would be meaningful for a very limited number of stocks and completely useless for the vast majority of stocks. So in my solution I am replacing your fixed value with a comparison between current volume and average volume. When volume is above average the column is green. When volume is below average the column is red:

input length = 14;
plot data = volume > Average(volume, length);
AssignBackgroundColor(if data then Color.GREEN else Color.RED);

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Answered on July 8, 2021 11:53 am