ATR Trailing Stop Tradestation Strategy


I recently switched to Tradestation from Thinkorswim because I was unable to use the ATR Trailing stop indicator for conditional orders. Now that I am exploring Tradestation I have been unable to accomplish this so far. I can once again use it as an indicator but not in a strategy. How can I use the ATR Trailing stop in a strategy on Tradestation?


Thank you!

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Asked on December 23, 2018 4:53 pm
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Screenshots below show how to add strategies to a chart and where to locate the built-in ATR components. (this is TradeStation 10.0). Notice the built-in components are tagged as LX and SX. That is long exit and short exit. For entry signals you will need to select and add components tagged with LE and SE.

For a more in depth explanation of how to work with Strategies in TradeStation I recommend the following video:


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Answered on December 24, 2018 8:41 am