Backtesting Conditional Order buy and sell signals


I have been able to create a ThinkScript Buy-Sell Study . It is used to create Conditional Orders.  Nice thing about this study is that it allows me to view how the Buy Sell routine would have performed on the Historical Chart.

The upper Chart shows SMA(9), SMI(200)  , HeikenAshi CrossOverPoints

The Middle chart is Volume

The Lower Window Shows Up and Down Trend Lines and The Green and Red Spikes Shows potential BUY and SELL points.  I am using a Sequential Conditional Order

Which means that After the first BUY occurs any BUYs after it are ignored until A SELL has occur.  I am using 3 full round trips in the Order.

Take a look at the Image below:  This would be an example Historical testing.

The Red and Green Spikes indicate where my Sequenciel Conditional Order will place Market Orders.  My Sequential Order currently just contains three round trip Buy-Sell pairs.  What do you think?  It’s still a work In progress.  Suggestions would be appreciated.


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Asked on September 2, 2022 8:13 pm
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This website provides many resources showing how to back-test trading setups. We have an entire category of tutorial videos dedicated to this topic. You will find those video listed here:

The videos are listed on the left-hand sidebar menu of that page and they are listed in the order they should be viewed.

You will find the video named "Thinkorswim AutoTrade Almost" actually demonstrates exactly what you are asking for. And you will find a code template provided with that video which can be used to convert your Conditional Order into a chart strategy for back-testing.

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Answered on September 2, 2022 9:19 pm