High above SVEPivots


Hi Pete would you be able to guide using SVEPivots. 

Goal is to scan for ( LAST / MARK / HIGH ) of today that is greater than today’s R2, yesterday’s R2 and day before yesterday’s R1 from SVEPivots study. 

These levels are calculated using the following formulas (PH, PL, and PC stand for previous day’s high, low, and close price, respectively):
PP = (PH + PL + PC) / 3;
R2 = PP + (PH – PL);





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Asked on March 25, 2020 10:30 am
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Well I really don't have anything to do here. Because you already have it started and the rest of this is going to be just as easy.

You constructed a simple scan using the Condition Wizard. Details here:


Now you only need to fix that mistake you made by changing the "R3" to "R2". Like so.

high is greater than SVEPivots()."R2" from 1 bars ago

That right there is the second element from your 3 part specification. Today's high is greater than yesterday's R2.

All you need to do next is add the other two pieces:

high is greater than SVEPivots()."R2"

high is greater than SVEPivots()."R1" from 2 bars ago



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Answered on March 25, 2020 11:17 am