percent up or down in a specified period of time

Hey, I am trying to do condition wizard or chart studies that show periods in a chart where the stock changed by a percentage in a given period. I contributed 10 dollars. I am a rookie with think or swim so I’ll try to explain as best I can what I am looking for. I linked a similar condition wizard scenario where you did a video of a scan or study where you put in code to look for three consecutive days (candlestick) with daily 2% gain.

I listed three examples.

1 – 1yr 1day chart

  • I want to show the periods where the stock went up by 10% in a 5 day stretch

2 – 1day 1min chart

  • show the periods throughout the day where the stock rose by at least 3% (whether it happened over a 5 min span or 30min or whenever)

3 – 1 yr 1 day chart

  • show the days where the asking price rose over 10% from open.