Pivot Points on Thinkorswim Mobile


I’m looking for a way to display pivot points (R2, R1, P, S1, S2) simply on Thinkorswim mobile. The PivotPoint study that’s available on Thinkorswim doesn’t work on mobile. There is a PersonsPivots that works on mobile, but it’s a mess (lines everywhere that obscure everything else).  Custom-built studies on TOS also work on mobile, so I’m wondering if there is a short script that I could load as a TOS study that would display daily pivots as small simple lines (or even dots) that wouldn’t obscure everything else.

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Asked on July 9, 2019 5:25 pm
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Yes, there are many types of studies that fail to work correctly on the Thinkorswim mobile app. Until they address whatever it is that the mobile app is lacking we really can't do anything about it. Some examples of studies that don't work like they do in the desktop version:

  • Anything that dynamically sets the color of a plot. Such as MACD histogram and TTM_Squeeze
  • Studies that plot boolean based up or down arrows
  • Plots that span a full day of any intraday chart
  • My Volume Profile and Divergence studies
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Answered on July 9, 2019 7:02 pm