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Hi Pete, I’m trying to make the move from Street Smart to ToS and can’t find some of the things I’m used to.  Wondering if they are possible at all.

In my daily routine one thing I use a lot is the Pre-Market price & % change.   I flip through my regular tickers and I can easily see early movement with referring to a watchlist.  See image.

During Pre-market each “regular hours” chart also shows me Yesterday’s move (or today’s during active hours), The Pre-market “Mark” and the % Change from yesterday’s close.

Do you know if anything like this is possible in ToS?    I find it useful on the chart as it avoids switching back and forth to watchlists (and I cannot even see how to get the pre market % change on a watchlist either, just the price)

This is not a show killer during my changeover to ToS, but it would help keep my pre market checks quick and easy.

Hope you can help.  Many thanks





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Asked on June 30, 2024 2:25 pm
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We cannot add any elements directly to the "header" of the chart. But something similar to this can be completed using a chart label. Which is an element we add to a chart that displays in the upper right corner of the chart.

There are some limitations. One being that you would need to include extended hours on your chart, in order to compute and display metrics which are computed from extended hours data. So it's possible, with some limitations.

The full solution you requested is beyond the complexity of a solution I can provide free of charge in this forum. So I suggest you take some time to search through existing solutions in this forum to see if you can find a few that cover the specific items you requested. Just be sure to include the word "label" in your search terms.

Here are a couple of items I turned up in a quick search of the "Chart Studies" topic:

You may also include the "Watchlists" topic in your search because many of those solutions also use the "AddLabel" statement and can be dropped directly into a chart study with little or no modifications.

You might also consider a professional solution for this. Which would enable me to provide you with a complete solution that fits your specific needs. You can find a link to the "Professional Services" webpage in the main menu of this site.

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Answered on June 30, 2024 2:42 pm