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This About page of the website is where my relentless pursuit of optimization and efficiency is made available to individual traders. The driving force for everything I do, is reflected in our mission statement: “Maximum Precision Through Intelligent Use of Minimal Resources”. In the sections below you will find a description of the services I provide, as well as the rates, and terms of service. But for those who are interested, I will provide a bit more detail about how I got here and why we do business in this slightly unorthodox way. True to form, this About page is a bit unconventional in that it is they way I hide my professional services to limit the number of requests I receive.

“Less is more” even applies to the optimizations themselves.

My previous occupation, Operations Manager for a fortune 100 company, is where I honed my skills of teaching others how to accomplish their goals with minimal effort and maximum precision. I also learned the value of taking the most complex workflows and breaking them down into simple and easy to follow steps. I then combined these skills with my obsession for optimization and efficiency. Which then lead to me learning how to write programs to automate some of the most complex and error prone workflows. As you can imagine, after accomplishing these goals in a large corporation you soon become somewhat of a hero.

As my skills developed, my interest turned into a passion. Soon after that I began examining every workflow in my sphere of influence, applying workflow automation wherever it was warranted. “Less is more” even applies to the optimizations themselves. It’s important to know when any given optimization reaches a point of diminishing returns.

Some of the platforms I support: Thinkorswim, TradeStation, Sierra Chart and TradingView

About: How The Process Works

Now my passion for workflow automation, optimization and efficiency is available to you via the professional services described in the following section. My terms of services are a bit unorthodox. (my parents taught me to make my own path rather than follow others). You will see that I do not provide price estimates or quotes prior to beginning work. I will take a moment to explain why, but more importantly I will explain why this is in your best interests.

Very few clients who come to me are able to clearly describe their specifications with perfect clarity and describe things in terms that leave nothing left to subjective interpretation. For this reason I have found it works out best to allow room for the discovery process. Before writing the first line of code my main task is to serve as a consultant. During the initial stages I am helping the client to think about what they need and describe it in terms the computer can understand. If the client would be better served by another trading platform or another developer I tell them. Being sure to explain in what ways another trading platform or developer might be better suited to meeting their stated goals.

These “change fees” are where traditional developers make a majority of their profits! I don’t play that game. Whatever is in your best interest is my number one goal.

Overall, this approach provides the least expensive solution to achieve each client’s unique goals. Really? Yes indeed. Under a more orthodox business model the client would be forced to provide perfect specifications up front and they would receive a quote to meet those specifications. Then after the project was completed and the client realizes they missed crucial details in their specifications they would pay a change fee each and every time they needed to adjust the solution. These “change fees” are where traditional developers make a majority of their profits! I don’t play that game. Whatever is in your best interest is my number one goal.

About: How Much Does The Average Project Cost and How Long Does It Take to Complete?

Many clients are concerned about entering into a project request in which they do not know the final cost. For this reason I am providing some key metrics from recently completed projects. These metrics have been selected to answer the majority of questions I get from new clients who are wondering if they can afford to pay for the project they have in mind.

55.91% of projects were completed in 3 billable hours or less

The following metrics were taken from projects that were completed in the year 2021:

Project Cost Metrics

  • How much did the average project cost?
    • Answer: $271.49 USD
  • What is the maximum cost of projects completed in 2021?
    • Answer: $760 USD
  • What percent of projects were completed for the minimum project charge (2 hours)?
    • Answer: 37.8%
  • What percent of projects were completed within 3 hours or less?
    • Answer: 55.91%

Project Duration Metrics

  • How many days did it take for the average project to be completed?
    • Answer: 7.28Days
  • What percent of projects were completed within 4 days or less?
    • Answer: 30%

Services available:

  • Consultation on trading software and technology
  • Contract work to build custom tools for trading platforms

Current Rates for 2022:

About: Consultation services consist of a screen sharing session using Skype or Microsoft Teams and are billed at $120.00 USD per hour with a two hour minimum. If during the first hour you determine our services are not a fit for your needs you may cancel with no commitment. Once the second hour commences the session becomes a billable service. After the initial billable consultation, subsequent consultations will be billed on an hourly basis. You will receive an invoice after the conclusion of any billable service.

About: **Software projects are billed at $120.00 USD per hour with a two hour minimum per project. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of each phase of a software project.

9 Stages Of Project Development

  1. Receive project specifications from the client
  2. Developer performs a feasibility analysis to determine any elements of the specifications which cannot be supported by the trading platform
  3. Client is notified of any elements that cannot be accomplished and is provided alternative solutions when available
  4. Once items 2 and 3 have been resolved, work begins. (No estimated cost or time to completion is provided at this stage)
  5. During this stage the client will receive screenshots showing the code in action. These screenshots may include any or all of the following: Charts, Watchlists, Scan Results
  6. The client will confirm (through the analysis of the screenshots described in stage 5) the project produces results that meet the client’s specifications. The client may request changes to further refine their specifications which will cycle the project back to stage 5 for further review.
  7. Client confirms all their specifications have been met and they are ready to pay for the completed project (At this time the client will receive a final price for the completed project)
  8. The client will receive an invoice through PayPal (or current payment processor)
  9. Once the invoice is paid in full the client will receive the files associated with the project via email

Additional Details Which May Apply

  • Larger sized projects may require a deposit before work commences.
  • Payment for all services will be processed through an invoice sent to you from PayPal (or current payment processor). A valid email address is required.
  • Do NOT send money apart from the invoice without requesting alternative payment handling first.
  • The amount of time billed is based on the time it takes to read and interpret your specifications in addition to the time it takes to generate emails and screenshots to complete the review stages of the project.
  • It is essential that you understand how to submit your project specifications. Everything should be clearly expressed in series of brief bullet points, numbered in order to facilitate analysis and discussion.

The Ideal Specifications Format? Here is a very basic example of what your specifications list should look like and the details that must be included:

  1. List of conditions required in order for a signal to be valid
    1. For instance the position of price action above a moving average
  2. The trigger which is the last step to confirm a valid signal
    1. For instance a cross of one moving average over another

Be sure to include other details such as what type of functionality you would like:

  1. Chart study (indicator)
  2. Alerts (chart based alerts, scan based alerts, sms/email/push notifications)
  3. **Chart Strategy (for back testing)
  4. Custom Scan
  5. Watch List Columns

** Projects including Strategies will increase the minimum cost to 3 hours at $120.00 USD per hour: $360.00 USD.

Just keep in mind that computer code only sees a yes or a no. There are no gray areas. So the specifications must be clear and precise. We do NOT ever try to reverse engineer or copy proprietary trading tools published by others. We fully respect the intellectual property and copyrights of others. All specifications must be submitted in your own words and no third party sources of specifications will be accepted.

For those seeking to view our premium trading tools you will find them listed on the following pages:

Questions? Comments? Post a review?

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  • Amin Siddiqui

    Hey Pete,
    I have been watching your free videos for more than a week now. I really admired your knowledge and teaching capabilities. As a appreciation I tried be “rock starred” to you but I confess this is nothing compared to the knowledge I earned from your videos. I am planning as a next step to buy to Premium Indicators and highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more in thinkorswim related topics.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Hi Amin. Thank you very much for your generous contribution. I really appreciate you taking the time to express your appreciation for the content we have published and look forward to serving you in the future.

  • Morgan C.

    Pete is a very thorough and detailed oriented person. He’s helped me tremendously with a script I had been chipping away with for weeks. His communication is clear and he understands what it takes to get a task completed. I look forward to working with Pete in the future and if you’re considering if you should trust Pete with your project….the answer is yes and you’re lucky that you found him. Great job Pete.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Thanks so much Morgan. I am very happy to know that I was able to guide you through the process and deliver a final result that was customized to your specific needs. Looking forward to working for you again. Take care.

  • Jerry A

    Pete is an exceptional talent. He has now helped me with several projects. Each time he quickly analyzed my goals, taught me what I needed to know, and promptly provided exactly what I asked for. In short, Pete is awesome!

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Wow, thanks so much Jerry. That feedback literally gave me goose bumps. I am very happy hear that you are pleased with the result of the projects we have completed for you. Take care!

  • Mike K

    Great work by Mr. Hahn. I recommend hahn-tech.com to anyone interested in learning about Thinkorswim and also recommend to submit project request to Mr. Hahn if they need to get work done on their scans or any other project work related to Thinkorswim. Thank You.

  • Waleed

    Mr. Hahn, I can’t thank you enough sir! The level of professionalism and expertise you sincerely show can rarely be found nowadays! Let alone your honesty and integrity. Your passion to truly help another fellow human without a return/reward clearly depicts your genuine nature, and it comes out loud and clear through your emails and videos. You sent me educational videos, you educated, you coached me without charging me a monetary value for your time while you could have made some money. You are a true educator with a big heart!

  • hector e guerra

    This will be my second custom study that pete does for me , first one was great. Pete provides great and fast service I would recommend him to anyone looking for custom studies.

  • Vic

    Pete provides excellent service and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for deeper insight into a trading platform through the use of optimized features tailored to your liking. He is also very responsive and works to ensure that you are getting exactly what you’re looking for every step of the way.

      • Pete Hahn Post author

        This is not the place to request assistance of this type. We have a Q&A forum for general questions like this. The Q&A forum is the only “repository” of custom solutions apart from our videos.