Scan for direction of MACD slope


I need to add a filter to one of my scans that will simply tell me if the MACD value for the prior week is greater than the MACD value for the prior prior week.  In other words, based on the close of the prior week, was the weekly MACD for that week sloping up?  I have my MACD line (not the signal line) configured to be red if it is sloping down and green if it is sloping up.  I don’t need to know if it has turned from red to green, I only need to know if it is green.  Using this as a filter, I would know that all the results of my scan are stocks whose MACD for the prior week were green.  Thanks

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Asked on April 1, 2024 7:36 am
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This type of scan filter can be created without any knowledge of writing code. Anyone can build this scan using the Condition Wizard, and it only takes a few clicks of the mouse to complete.

I have included three screenshots below showing how the Condition Wizard is used to construct the scan which you described.

You can learn how to use the Condition Wizard by viewing the following video tutorial:


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Answered on April 1, 2024 7:40 am
That's it! I should have been able to figure it out myself. Many thanks.
( at April 1, 2024 8:46 am)