One click show or hide extended hours on all charts


I watch premarket action.  But the volume is low and often non related to after open activity, plus it skews many indicators to vary from their “non extended hours” levels.

Is there an easy way to turn on /off extended hours display across all charts with 1 click?

Currently I end up doing about 60-100 clicks around 10:00 a.m. just to reset the charts.  Such a waste of time but I cannot find a way to make the change globally & easily.

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Asked on March 30, 2024 9:23 pm
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There is no way to do this with one click. But there are options to do this with 2 clicks.

Individual Charts:

The first option is to add a "short cut" to the Style menu of your charts that is tied to the "Extended hours" option. This is demonstrated in Part 1 of our chart settings master class. You will see this demonstrated at the 14:24 mark of Part 1 in that series. Just keep in mind that section shows how to add the "Alerts" option to the style menu, which is located the General tab. The Extended Hours setting can be added in exactly the same manner. But you have to select either the Equites or the Futrues tab and click the add short cut button from that view. The process is exactly the same.

However this only solves the 2 click solution for a single chart.

Complete Chart Grids:

If you want an option that is 2 clicks away and covers an entire grid of charts. Then you will go to Part 3 of our chart settings master class and go to the bonus material, which begins at 42:32. That section of the video demonstrates how to create custom chart grids and save them to the list. You can then switch between your saved chart grids in 2 clicks. You just need to create one chart grid with regular session only and another chart grid with extended hours included. Save each of those to a new chart grid and you can switch back and forth in just 2 clicks.

Thinkorswim Chart Settings Tutorial:

Where can you find all three videos in our chart settings master class? Right here:

Multiple Chart Grids or Monitors:

What if you have multiple chart grids spread across multiple monitors? Well then you would need to create and save two or more "workspaces". Then you can switch between those two workspaces in 2 clicks.

Check the following video beginning at the 4:20 mark:


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Answered on March 30, 2024 9:46 pm
Thank you. I hadn't thought of just swapping grids. It'll be far easier than what I do now. Many thanks indeed.
( at March 31, 2024 12:10 am)