Scan for stocks that have spiked at least once in the past


Hello Pete,


So below I have provided the code for a chart label that counts the amount of time a stock has spiked in the past (aka a former runner). My question is, how can we turn this into scan criteria. When using this scanner, I only want to return stocks that have spiked at least 1 day in the past on the daily chart in the within past 2 years. This code works well as a label, now let’s see if we can create a scan.


input percentSpike = 40.0;

input countLimit = 5;

def percentRise = 100 * (high / open – 1);

def condition = percentRise >= percentSpike and volume > 5000000;

rec counter = if condition and BarNumber() >= 0 then counter[1] + 1 else counter[1];






*Bonus, this will be even cooler if we can add a slider (optional)

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Asked on February 14, 2019 5:32 am
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plot scan = counter >= 1;

We just set the plot statement to return true/false based on the value of the counter variable. Greater than or equal to 1 means there is been at least 1 spike. The 2 year thing, well you are restricted to two years historical data by the scan engine. So we don’t need any code to handle the length of time.

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Answered on February 16, 2019 11:21 am