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This category contains instructional content on the use and application of Strategies on TS platform. TS strategies support very advanced features, much more than Thinkorswim. Automated trading is fully supported with TS, using even the most basic of strategies. Advanced performance reports include all the metrics you might need to analyze your strategy’s theoretical performance. You are encouraged to use the left side-menu to navigate among topics that interest you. (view as desktop for best experience) The left side-menu will help you keep track of where you are, and which content you have already viewed.

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Listed below you will find all the videos and articles included in the TS Strategies category.

TS Strategy Guide 24

Just write a few lines of code and TS will plot your theoretical buys and sells right on the chart. Learn how to customize the settings impacting how theoretical orders are entered on the chart. It even provides a “look-inside-bar” option to drill down into a lower time frame to increase precision of theoretical orders.

TradeStation Strategy Guide