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Professional Services – supported platforms: Thinkorswim, TradeStation, Sierra Char, TradingView and *NinjaTrader

* I have recently added NinjaTrader to this list (still learning)

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My professional services have been available since 2015. In that time I have completed several hundred custom projects for traders just like you. My clients range from brand new traders all the way up to seasoned professionals with many regular clients coming back to request additional modifications or entirely new trading tools. I have plenty of experience translating indicators between various trading platforms. Which means I have a thorough understanding of the features and limitations of each. Be sure to check the comments section at the bottom of this page to read reviews from previous clients.

Allow me to introduce myself

The following video will guide you through the process and help you make the most of this opportunity.

Additional videos in the following playlist:

  1. Hahn-Tech Professional Services Screenshots
  2. Hahn-Tech Professional Services Specifications
  3. Hahn-Tech Professional Services Workflows

Link to Playlist: HT Professional Services

The Process:

  1. Provide a list of your specifications
  2. I complete a feasibility analysis and advise you as to what is possible
  3. Once you confirm details from item 2, work begins
  4. I will email screenshots demonstrating the functionality for you to review
  5. This review process is only way in which you get to confirm and validate your specifications have been met
  6. The number of review cycles is largely determined by the complexity of the project
  7. ** Once you confirm all your specifications have been achieved, the final price for the project is determined
  8. An invoice is emailed to you through PayPal and once the invoice is paid your files will be delivered via email

The Details:

Professional Services consist of the following:

Consultation to determine your goals and explain various options and methods for achieving those goals. Most trading platforms provide tools such as chart indicators, chart strategies, custom scans and custom watchlist columns. The choice of trading platform will determine what is technically feasible as well as which tools may be available. The consultation period will help you understand the optimum tools for achieving your goals and may include suggestions for using a different trading platform.

Specifications Explained:

Specifications must be submitted in your own terms (no third party sources). Some clients will need help in defining their specifications and this is handled during the consultation process. However our Professional Services do not include writing those specifications for you. Specifications are precisely worded statements using mathematical formulas, logical statements and specific indicators. Specifications DO NOT include vague terms which cannot be measured or quantified through mathematical formula or logic statements.

This very important so I will provide an example of good and bad.

Good: The low of the candle touches the 21 period ema while the 8 period ema and 21 period ema are within 0.5% of each other.

Bad: The candle touches the moving average while the shorter moving average nearly touches the longer moving average

Ok, does that make things clear? The Bad specification does not specify which part of the candle, does not provide moving average types or lengths and includes the phrase “nearly touches”. It is impossible write any code using this poorly formatted specification.

Final word on project specifications: We do NOT ever try to reverse engineer or copy proprietary trading tools published by others. We fully respect the intellectual property and copyrights of others. All specifications must be submitted in your own words and no third party sources of specifications will be accepted.

Professional Services do NOT include any of the following:

  • Installation and setup
  • Opinions or suggestions about how to improve the efficacy of trading setups

If you need help with installation and setup you will be provided links to resources which will teach you how to use the various aspects of the trading platform. You will need to take the time to study, learn and practice using these tools before the project is completed.

Pricing Terms for Professional Services:

  • Projects are charged at a current rate of $120 USD per hour with an initial minimum charge of 2 hours ($240 USD).
  • Projects which include a “Chart Strategy” will have a minimum charge of 3 hours ($360 USD).

The final price of each project is not determined until it reaches stage 7 (see above). All activity related to completing the project is logged and will be included in the final price. Once (and if) your project time reaches the 2 hour minimum, each email I send will include a “Progress Update” showing the total time that has been logged to reach the current stage of completion.

These pricing terms may not be suitable to all clients, but there are no exceptions and each project is handled in the exact same manner. This pricing system allows me to provide each client with the lowest possible price. Check the section below the order form for details about average project cost and time duration from start to finish.

Project Cancellations:

If the client cancels the project prior to completion (but after stage 3 commences), all time which was logged for the canceled project will be recorded and applied to any new projects submitted by the client. A second consecutive project cancellation will result in the termination of all future business with that client. Got that? I am taking all the risk here. But I have established and disclosed a fair set of rules designed to avoid abuse.

Forms of Communication:

Email correspondence has been the sole form of communications for the vast majority of projects completed to date. I do not maintain a business phone line for Hahn-Tech. However if you or I find a need to communicate directly about the project details we may do so through a short screen sharing session (Skype or Microsoft Teams). Out of several hundred projects I can count on one hand the number of instances where a screen sharing session was required.

More details are included below, but the contact form is included here for those who are ready to get started.

Submit Your Request Here:

What is the average cost of a completed project?

In the year 2021, 55.9% of projects were completed within 3 billable hours. The average cost of all projects completed was $271.49 USD. Projects which were completed within the 2 hour minimum charge was 37.8%.

How long does it take to complete a project?

There are many variables which impact the time it takes to complete a project. Most of that is based on the timeliness of the client responding to my emails. Measured as the total time (in days) from the point of filling out the form to the delivery of the final project files; the average project in 2021 was completed after 7.28 days and 30% of projects were completed in under 5 days.

Questions? Comments? Post a review?

22 thoughts on “Professional Services

  • Amin Siddiqui

    Hey Pete,
    I have been watching your free videos for more than a week now. I really admired your knowledge and teaching capabilities. As a appreciation I tried be “rock starred” to you but I confess this is nothing compared to the knowledge I earned from your videos. I am planning as a next step to buy to Premium Indicators and highly recommend to anyone who wants to know more in thinkorswim related topics.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Hi Amin. Thank you very much for your generous contribution. I really appreciate you taking the time to express your appreciation for the content we have published and look forward to serving you in the future.

  • Morgan C.

    Pete is a very thorough and detailed oriented person. He’s helped me tremendously with a script I had been chipping away with for weeks. His communication is clear and he understands what it takes to get a task completed. I look forward to working with Pete in the future and if you’re considering if you should trust Pete with your project….the answer is yes and you’re lucky that you found him. Great job Pete.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Thanks so much Morgan. I am very happy to know that I was able to guide you through the process and deliver a final result that was customized to your specific needs. Looking forward to working for you again. Take care.

  • Jerry A

    Pete is an exceptional talent. He has now helped me with several projects. Each time he quickly analyzed my goals, taught me what I needed to know, and promptly provided exactly what I asked for. In short, Pete is awesome!

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Wow, thanks so much Jerry. That feedback literally gave me goose bumps. I am very happy hear that you are pleased with the result of the projects we have completed for you. Take care!

  • Mike K

    Great work by Mr. Hahn. I recommend to anyone interested in learning about Thinkorswim and also recommend to submit project request to Mr. Hahn if they need to get work done on their scans or any other project work related to Thinkorswim. Thank You.

  • Waleed

    Mr. Hahn, I can’t thank you enough sir! The level of professionalism and expertise you sincerely show can rarely be found nowadays! Let alone your honesty and integrity. Your passion to truly help another fellow human without a return/reward clearly depicts your genuine nature, and it comes out loud and clear through your emails and videos. You sent me educational videos, you educated, you coached me without charging me a monetary value for your time while you could have made some money. You are a true educator with a big heart!

  • hector e guerra

    This will be my second custom study that pete does for me , first one was great. Pete provides great and fast service I would recommend him to anyone looking for custom studies.

  • Vic

    Pete provides excellent service and I recommend him to anyone who is looking for deeper insight into a trading platform through the use of optimized features tailored to your liking. He is also very responsive and works to ensure that you are getting exactly what you’re looking for every step of the way.

      • Pete Hahn Post author

        This is not the place to request assistance of this type. We have a Q&A forum for general questions like this. The Q&A forum is the only “repository” of custom solutions apart from our videos.