Conditional Sell Orders

I set up a conditional order in the Paper Trade system and it worked well from what I can tell.  I also had that buy order trigger a sell order.  Is there a way to set up a conditional sell order based on the buy order that triggered it?  For example, I had to set up the sell as a market order but it became an order within 3 points of the buy and executed.  Can I set a condition that would trigger the sell at a certain % above the buy price?  LIke...sell at market if price is 1.75% greater than the buy that triggered the sell...?
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Asked on February 23, 2017 11:40 am

I understand what you are looking for there. At a chart study level, we have access to things like average price and open P/L per symbol. But these are not supported in conditional orders. But in order to do this, you may simply need a bracket order, OCO sort of thing. You just put a condition on the opening order, bracket the rest. Bracket orders are able to react based on entry price. I’m sure if you contact the trade desk they can help you set it up. Be sure to come back and post the answer once you get it worked out. If the trade desk can’t help, respond via the comment box below and I’ll do some testing to see if I can work something up.

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