Custom Watchlist column based on Tick vs Time


Hello Pete. Are you aware of anyway to use tick as a period vs time when creating custom columns in Watchlists? I have a feeling I already know the answer, which is no, but thought I would ask regardless. Thanks in advance.

FYI: I was compiling a script that used 3 EMAs that would print a value when they crossed each other (fastest to slowest and in both directions) and then would subsequently use a color to denote the action. This way I could have a visual on my watchlist to show me when my setup was forming. However, using time as a period is not effective for me since I chart with ticks to have a better representation of the price action. I have this working as a Study but can’t seem to figure out a workaround for a watchlist.

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Asked on July 8, 2020 12:45 pm
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This has already covered in the forum multiple on multiple occasions. But mostly in the Stock Scanners topic so I understand how you could miss that. At this time Thinkorswim does not support tick based aggregation periods for anything except charts. This includes: Study Alerts, Conditional Orders, Study Filters and Custom Quotes.

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Answered on July 8, 2020 2:24 pm
Thanks and sorry for not digging deeper.
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