Scan stocks with Williams %R Oversold


Hello Pete I use this formula in TC2000 to scan stocks that are oversold using Williams %R

(((MAXH10.1-C1) / (MAXH10.1-MINL10.1)) * -100 <= (-80))


(((MAXH10.2-C2) / (MAXH10.2-MINL10.2)) * -100 <= (-80))


(((MAXH10.3-C3) / (MAXH10.3-MINL10.3)) * -100 <= (-80))


(((MAXH10.4-C4) / (MAXH10.4-MINL10.4)) * -100 <= (-80))


HOw can I do the same on ToS??






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Asked on January 19, 2020 9:27 am
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WillamsPercentR is a study that comes built into Thinkorswim. You can build this scan without writing any code at all. There is no need to translate this code from TC2000 into Thinkorswim. Simply build the scan using the Condition Wizard. The following video demonstrates how to use the Condition Wizard to construct custom scans and provides numerous examples for you to follow along and learn.:

Once you learn how to use the Condition Wizard you will be able to build just about any sort of scan you can imagine and not have to learn how to write code.

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Answered on January 20, 2020 9:27 am
What do you think about this? declare lower; input length = 10; input overBought = -20; input overSold = -80; def hh = Highest(high, length); def ll = Lowest(low, length); def result = if hh == ll then -100 else (hh – close) / (hh – ll) * (-100); def WR = if result > 0 then 0 else result; def Over_Sold = overSold; plot scan = wr crosses above oversold; Besides other conditions I’d like to find stocks that after being in oversold and cross this limit (-80) now those stock are on his way to overbought but haven’t reach that limit set in (-20). Can I do that with the condition wizard? I have the other conditions using that tool but with the William%R has been kind of difficult. Regards
( at January 20, 2020 9:52 pm)
The code you provided is not at all from using the Condition Wizard. Just thought I would mention that so the rest of our viewers are not mistaken about that point. For the crosses back across those overbought and oversold levels. This was already covered in a previous post on this forum:
( at January 21, 2020 8:47 am)