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Generally people run into the complex (!) flag if they try to alert a study with recursive logic. It won’t allow you to alert it. However, I am trying to alert a study with no recursive logic and it still flags it as too complex. My problem is the pure mathematical cost of the calculation. I am certain this is the problem because the one condition which causes the complex flag is calculating a common function (similar to exponential average) at many different time length scales simultaneously. If I reduce the amount of time scales, it removes the complex flag. Unfortunately, it is required to do many resolutions for this study to be successful. I have tried re-writing the concept a few different ways to see if I can reduce the mathematical cost or trick TOS into allowing it. But it isn’t working so far. Is there any way to get around this and create an alert? Specifically I need SMS alert. Not just an audio cue on screen, I already do that via programming this as a strategy with alert logic in the script. This complex flag is silly because TOS will already do this ‘complex’ work when I script it as a strategy, and it will buy, sell, track P/L and everything. It’s only if I try to recreate it as a study (to get SMS alerts for the BUY signals because TOS won’t alert a strategy), that it refuses to cooperate. They really need to allow strategy buy/sell orders to trigger SMS alerts. Thank you for your help!

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Asked on October 10, 2018 8:24 am

I updated your question title to more directly indicate the context of your question.

I can’t really do anything for you here because you did not provide any of your code.

The limitation may seem silly. But those study alerts run on Thinkorswim servers. They have limited resources just as anything else. The line must be drawn somewhere. But it’s based on the total load of study alerts running from all users. So the line may seem a bit strict to you but in the larger view it is perfectly reasonable. There are a completely different set of resources available at the chart level versus the Study Alert or Scan.

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What’s silly is not that there is a mathematical cost limit on a Study. What is silly is that they do not facilitate alarms on Strategies. What is the point of accepting the burden of calculating complex strategies, back-testing P/L, etc. which is what everybody wants, but not allowing an alarm with it? They already did all the hard work processing it, it shows buy and sell signals real time. Just allow an alarm trigger to go with it. However, they allow an alarm on a study, which is far more limited and therefore less likely to be useful.
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You need to move to an advanced platform that supports this. TradeStation or NinjaTrader will do. Thinkorswim is not your optimum tool. The tradoff is, for the other platforms the trading platform must remain up and running and connected to the internet in order for your notifications to trigger. Thinkorswim alerts run on their servers. There is a tradeoff. You can’t have it both ways.

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Oh thank you I was not aware of these alternatives, I will look at them right away!

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NinjaTrader did a great job at this thank you for the recommendation

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