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Hello Pete

I have this following Strategy in TS and for some reason its not working, the syntax seems to be check out in easy language checker, but when the current bar high breaks the high of the previous bar, it doesn’t executes.

Any idea what’s wrong with it

Here is the screen capture.



{ Helpful instructions on the use of EasyLanguage, such as this, appear below and are

contained within French curly braces {}. There is no need to erase these

instructions when using EasyLanguage in order for it to function properly, because

this text will be ignored. }

{ STEP 1 OF 2: Replace <CRITERIA> with the criteria that will cause a Buy stop order

to be placed on the next bar. }

Condition1 = Last > High of 1 Bar Ago;

{ STEP 2 OF 2: Replace “Entry Name” (leaving the quotes) with a short name for the

entry and replace <PRICE> with the desired stop order price level. The entry name

will appear on the chart above/below the trade arrows and in the trade by trade

performance report. }

if Condition1 then Buy ( “MSFT” ) next bar at market;


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Asked on May 12, 2020 12:55 pm
Private answer

I am not familiar with that code you included. But it seems pretty helpful and it should be working. (and it probably is working exactly as it is designed). Here is one item you have overlooked. You have only a buy signal and there is no exit signal.

Try scrolling the chart all the way to the left, so that you can see the very first bars on the chart. Somewhere in there you should find a single buy order plotted on the chart. That is a buy and hold strategy. There is no exit. So it will only plot one buy order on the chart and that is all. No other buy signals will plot until you add an exit signal, or one of the built-in exit strategies that come with TradeStation.

Got that? One buy signal, followed by an exit, which then frees up the strategy to post the next buy signal. Buy, sell, buy , sell... Take the sell out of that formula and you have just a solitary buy and nothing else.

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Answered on May 12, 2020 2:15 pm