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I need help creating a scan to show only symbols where the squeeze histogram color is either Red or Blue across multiple timeframes(D, 1Hr., 15m). I have created a scan using the condition wizard(any of the following condition group) buy only for 1 timeframe. I also want a scan for the Cyan or Yellow color and with be ok if 1 scan can capture all conditions, but if not, 2 separate scans are ok.

Attached is a picture of the desired result.

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Asked on December 31, 2023 3:56 pm
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Since you requested a custom scan, I moved your question out of the "Watch List" topic and into the "Stock Scanners" topic. I also updated the title of your question to include the most important detail, which is that you are requesting a scan based on multiple time frames.

We already have many solutions for scans based on TTM Squeeze histogram colors. So the only thing that makes your question unique is the Multiple Time Frame component.

You will find an example of how to construct multiple time frame scans by view the following article published for the MTF MACD:

Constructing a MTF scan is already quite complex. So for the example I present in the screenshot below I have only included one color (Red). If you want to try to configure this to find two different colors at the same time I will leave that to you to try and work out.

Here is the code created by the Condition Wizard for this scan:

TTM_Squeeze()."Histogram" is less than 0 and TTM_Squeeze()."Histogram" is less than TTM_Squeeze()."Histogram" from 1 bars ago

In the screenshot below you will see I added three Study Filters to the scan and set each of them to one of the three time frames you requested. They are located in a condition group named "All of the following" so that all three time frames must be in agreement in order for a stock to show up in the results list.

Notice I have also added custom watchlist columns for each time frame so you can confirm the scan results without flipping through charts.


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Answered on December 31, 2023 4:05 pm