How did you learn and master thinkScipt?


Good day, Hahn! I have been watching all your videos from Youtube and been a consistent reader in this forum. I wanted to know how you learned thinkScript and how you advanced your thinkscript knowledge. I realized that I need to be independent soon in coding if ever I want to have better scanners and watchlists. I hope you can give tips or anything that I can start with. I have ran through the thinkscript terms in the ToS learning center but I feel that they have limited examples for traders to use. Right now, I have been focusing on scanners and watchlist in ToS. I wish to hear from you soon.

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Asked on August 30, 2020 8:23 pm
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Spend 20 years doing something everyday of the week and eventually you will master the topic or give up trying. You don't want to hear this but you need to. Pick what you want to be and stick to that. Decide right now whether you want to be a very good programmer or a very good trader. Don't try to do both. Learning how to write code will not make you a better trader. It will merely make you a better code writer. So unless you have plans of making a career out of programming, drop it right now. Focus on trading.

I started out wanting to be a trader. But along they way I became fascinated with the technical and creative aspects of writing code for chart studies, strategies, scans and watchlsits. Over time I realized I cannot trade to save my life. 10 straight years of losses. So I decided to take my passion for financial markets and blend that with my passion for writing code. While I failed at my first goal the process actually lead to amazing success. Now I find myself doing something I love within a domain that continues to fascinate me.

A very large percent of programmers are self taught. We tend to be autodidactic.  A never ending thirst to learn more and more. Our greatest skill is that we have learned how to learn, so that we can learn more quickly and build upon our previous knowledge by expanding into new dimensions. The pinnacle of learning is to teach. So for me it was only natural to begin teaching what I have learned. That is the very essence of this website, my YouTube channel and the Q&A Forum. If you really want to learn something (anything), take what you know and find someone to teach.

20 years ago I started off trying to write algorithmic trading systems with the goal of building a profitable trading system and making massive amounts of money. But along the way I found myself earning a living while doing all of my favorite things. I get to help people, teach people, learn new things, and solve puzzles. And for that I give thanks to God everyday.

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Answered on August 31, 2020 8:51 am
I’m glad to read your life story from your answer. It must have been quite a ride from trading to programming. I want to balance both somehow. I learned from your message to learn to trade first so I know what code I need to do and learning codes will be self-learned along the way. You give good advice and honest answers hoping to learn from you under your wing as an apprentice perhaps haha or I would just be active in the forum. I wish you the best in your future endeavors!
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