Hull Moving Average Alert & Autotrade Almost On Thinkorswim

Hi Mr. Hahn, I viewed your excellent video, “Thinkorswim AutoTrade Almost”, with the ambition of creating a Hull Moving Average Alert and ‘Autotrade’. It does not appear the Hull Moving Average Study in Thinkorswim even allows for an alert when the moving average changes direction. Is it possible to be alerted the moment the Hull changes direction, and is it possible to place the kind of semi-autotrade orders you helpfully describe in your video with this Study metric? Incidentally, I found your answer to a prior query about the Hull Moving Average in this Q&A blog, but when I place the code you provided another user, it does not change color when moving up and down as the Study provided in Thinkorswim does. If possible, I’d prefer to use the built-in code to avoid possible errors. Thank you for any assistance.