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Introduction and Medical Disclaimer

Minimum Protein Intake is essential for every human body. The following section summarizes one of the most important concepts from a video I recently published. The video briefly describes the journey of discovery while recovering from my own health crises in 2019. I am not a doctor, dietician or nutritionist, and have no formal training or certificate of competency on this topic. This is based on my own experiences of recovery from severe health crisis. I did not do everything right, and learned a lot of things along the way. Consult your own medical professionals before attempting to implement any of the items I am about to share:

Minimum Protein Intake

*50-75 NET GRAMS: The average human body requires a minimum of 50 to 75 net grams of protein each and every day. Surprisingly, very few individuals are aware of this. Which is one of the reasons I am taking the time to share my story.


Consequences of missing this minimum threshold:

  1. The body will cannibalize protein from muscles and bones in order to maintain the health of mission-critical organ systems. (brain, heart, lung, GI Tract) [I actually experienced this first hand]
  2. The consequences of #1 are devastating. The body tries to resolve this by increasing hunger until the protein target is met. As a result, the body tends to over consume fats and carbohydrates. This leads to additional increases in body fat. [In my case, my GI tract was blocked, preventing the hunger reflexes from rescuing me]

There is obviously more to it than this. My intention is to focus on the main concept. So I am speaking in general terms. Next, we’ll take a look as two common scenarios and examine the potential solutions.

Let’s take a look at two scenarios:

  1. For those trying to gain weight, the protein target must be a priority. Those working to build muscle must account for two essential elements.
    • Adequate protein intake
    • Resistance training
  2. For those trying to lose weight. Failure to meet the protein target will cause the body to loose muscle mass and bone mass. As a result, any weight you end up losing will be from bone and muscle and NOT fat. Loss of bone and muscle mass further complicates any attempts at reducing body fat. Because the muscles are responsible for burning calories (and maintaining a healthy metabolic balance). Therefore, lower muscle mass, means a lower metabolic rate which prevents the body from burning calories to reduce body fat. Summary: When restricting calories to reduce body fat, the protein portion of the diet must meet the minimum daily threshold. 

For either of these two scenarios the solution is the same:

  • Prioritize the foods which achieve the minimum protein intake (consume them first each day)
  • Perform resistance training designed to build muscle (use it or lose it)

Regaining or Maintaining Strength and Vitality

The older we get, the faster our bodies loose bone and muscle mass. To mitigate this, we must consume adequate amounts of protein each a day and perform resistance training. If you are not building it, the body is tearing it down and using it to support mission-critical organ systems. 

How to Reach the Minimum Protein Intake

I borrowed following table from a video I recently published. The goal of this table is to help folks understand exactly what it takes to reach the minimum protein target. I listed each item to include the qty and net protein for each portion. The entire list includes much more than the daily minimum protein target. Which allows you can pick from the list and consume a variety of items throughout the week. Check the qty of each and look at the final column labeled “Total”. Then select a mixture of foods to reach a combined “Total” of at least 75 net grams. 

Please note this table shows food items which include all nine essential amino acids. These are “Complete” proteins. Those choosing plant based sources must take great care to combine them in the correct proportions.. There are other consequences of choosing plant based protein sources which are beyond the scope of this article. Plant based diets require supplements to acquire specific vitamins and minerals which are lacking in plant based sources.

Data in the table was taken from a database located at the following website:

* this value will vary based on body weight and age. Higher body weight and age will increase the minimum protein target.


Minimum Protein Intake is an essential element every human should understand. Your quality of life as you age is highly dependent on understanding this concept. Take the time to do your own research and make sure you understand how to maintain your strength and vitality as you age. Which will place you in a better state of health should you encounter a health crisis such as I did.


The following video is my story of recovery from a severe health crises:

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8 thoughts on “Minimum Protein Intake

  • Harold

    Thank you, Pete, for sharing your story and what you learned from the life-threatening experience on through the recovery to good health. My wife is a retired pharmacist and supports your comments about the need for protein as we age. Most people don’t know that, especially vegetarians. Your comments about the need for exercise and resistance training were also very appropriate. As you were experiencing your illness and decline, I followed your situation closely and was very concerned, not only about your health but also about your livelihood. It is so good to see you back in production of good content about trading, with ThinkOrSwim in particular.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      It truly warms my heart to receive feedback like this. Thanks for taking the time to provide your words of encouragement. The health crisis I experienced was a life changing event for me. I am so very grateful for all of the support (prayers) I received during my surgery and recovery. Everyday is another day of gratitude. Grateful for every day I get to continue learning and mastering new skills and sharing that knowledge and experience to help others.

  • Bill Endraske

    Thank you Pete sharing your experience. Great articles and good information. For me, my day starts with grass-fed collagen (10gms protein), exercise, and protein shake. I also keep a jar of peanuts on my desk for a snack. At 78 without aches and pains, I have a lot to be thankful for. God Bless You Pete

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Thanks for your feedback and encouragement. I just recently added collagen peptides to my own diet. I noticed it is missing Tryptophan, so it is just short of being a complete protein. But very valuable for the other amino acids it does contain, which humans used to consume in abundance before modern food processing took over. In my video I also show which plant based foods can be added to peanuts to provide the missing amino acids they lack. But obviously you have got things dialed in very well to arrive at 78 years of age without aches and pains. Congratulations on that!

  • Robert G Headrick

    Thanks for sharing your story Pete. You made a great transformation. Keep up the good work with your health and your website.

  • Art

    We do not want spam email about protein. Do we have to unsubscribe or block you to prevent this? Or have you had a data breach? Something is wrong.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      This is certainly not a data breach.

      Years ago I suffered a severe health crisis and nearly died. I finally got around to sharing my story with the hope that it may help and encourage others who may have suffered a similar health crisis. This is my own personal experience, from which I have learned some very important things.

      I am sorry that you misinterpreted my generosity for spam. I can assure you this content was something I intentionally published for the purpose of helping others. Which is perfectly in line with all of the other content I have published on my website and YouTube channel.

      Your opinion is noted and your feedback is appreciated. I wish you health and happiness.