Thinkorswim Condition Wizard Watchlist 33

Build Custom Watchlist Columns Using Thinkorswim Condition Wizard

Build your own customized color-coded watchlists in Thinkorswim using the Condition Wizard. Color the background and values in your watchlist based on your favorite

Thinkorswim Condition Wizard Watchlist chart studies. Review hundreds of stocks at a glance. After mastering Thinkorswim Condition Wizard Watchlist, no more thumbing through endless charts to find your “needle in the haystack”.

The Condition Wizard in Thinkorswim does all the hard work for you. Just a few clicks of the mouse and the Thinkorswim Condition Wizard creates your code for you.

Learn how to write a very small amount of code to dynamically set the colors of the background and text in your custom watchlist columns. I walk you through it step-by-step. Several examples included. By the end of the video your mind will be exploding with new ideas on how to apply these techniques.


Examples included in this video:

  • Stochastic FullK above FullD
  • Price above or below VWAP
  • RSI overbought or oversold
  • TTM Wave
  • Mystery Bonus!

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*Thinkorswim is a chart analysis platform offered by TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade provides financial services including the trading of Stocks, Futures, Options and Forex.


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33 thoughts on “Thinkorswim Condition Wizard Watchlist

  • krahsloop

    Hi Pete, you sent me to this video a couple weeks ago and I was able to add two conditional watchlist columns that have been awesome, thank you again! This may be elementary, but I’m trying to figure out how to add these as chart labels. For reference below is the code for an entry signal I created by following the video, and also a MACD watchlist column. I’d simply like for what happens in the watchlist column, to happen on a label on my chart(s), but not sure how to adapt the code to view on a chart rather than in the watchlist. I hope that makes sense, and thank you for your time and consideration!

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Your comment has been edited to remove the code you included. The comment section of a video is not the place to seek solutions of this complexity. This is why we have a Q&A Forum on this website. Please search and browse existing solutions in the Q&A Forum and if you do not find a solution you may consider posting a new question in the forum.

  • Tim Slattery

    Nice, clear tutorial. Unfortunately it doesn’t help with what I’d like to do. I trade options, and one of the columns I put in my watchlist is “Probability OTM”. That is a “built-in” of the watchlist. I’d like to change the background color if the value is less than a setpoint. Unfortunately it looks like “Probability OTM” is not available in the Condition Wizard, or at least I couldn’t find it. Is there any way to get the effect I want?

  • JP

    Hi Pete, is there a way to remove the numerical value in the column? I tried signal.sethiding(1); signal.hide(); #(signal being the name of my plot) but it still shows the 1s and 0s

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      The column must display a value of some kind. You can adjust the color of the plot variable to match the background color. But the value will still be present. HINT: the numeric value means that column can be sorted to group like signals together.

      • JP

        Thank you Pete I suspected as much and it is actually useful sorting, would’ve been cleaner though if it was hidden – I guess I’ll try your idea and color the values dynamically to match the background.

      • JP

        Pete, is it also true that you cannot call on a defined global color within the watchlist formula or am I just crazy?

        This below just gives me black and white
        defineglobalcolor(“above”, color.light_green);
        defineglobalcolor(“below”, color.light_red);
        assignBackgroundColor(if value==1 then globalcolor(“above”) else if value==2 then globalcolor(“below”) else
        signal.assignValueColor (if value==1 then globalcolor(“above”) else if value==2 then globalcolor(“below”) else

        it works well if I specify the colors

      • Pete Hahn Post author

        Yes, that is correct. We cannot define global colors in a custom watchlist column. Which makes complete sense once you understand there is no graphical interface from which to adjust those global colors. As we can do with a chart study.

      • JP

        Pete, thanks so much for your help and your quick replies. I’ve e been stalking this site for a while. In reference to the global color, Being able to define a variable for color would still have purpose eliminating the need to specify it at each instance while being able to change it universally, from I gathered there’s no workaround? I guess tos doesn’t allow referencing definitions like that?

      • Pete Hahn Post author

        Correct, Thinkorswim does not support Global Colors within custom watchlist columns. I have no idea for their reasoning behind this limitation. It may simply be an oversight or they may have a specific reason for disabling it.

        However you can still use the DefineColor() statement on the plot for the custom watchlist column. It works very much like the Global Color definition. Details here:—Feel/DefineColor