Creating an Equities Overnight Range Indicator


Hi Pete. I am attempting to combine your DailyHiLow and Overnight Range indicators to make the Overnight Range Indicator work for equities, like we discussed in the comments section of the YouTube video on the Overnight Range Indicator. The following is what I have. However, it still does not work correctly. I appreciate any help because I can see this being a very valuable indicator.

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Asked on August 26, 2017 6:53 am

You may find some assistance by examining the code from this video:

That code is able to handle an overnight period for equities that spans midnight. The input named “intradaySpan” is the key. Focus on how that input , when set to “OverNight” while the “marketOpen” to 16:30 and the “makretClose” to 9:29.

Your goal will be to take that section of code, and use it to replace the section in the Overnight High/Low study that performs the same function for futures.

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