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Welcome to our premium trading tools for Thinkorswim

Thinkorswim Premium Trading Tools: Each of these premium indicators are the result of endless hours of research, testing and development. Many of them were written with the direct input of professional traders. The feedback I have received from clients has been overwhelmingly positive. I am confident you will find these premium indicators to be an exceptional value!
The vast majority of content on this website consists of FREE trading tools, education and custom solutions in our Q&A Forum. The only way to make all of this sustainable is to offer some premium trading tools for a modest price. There is something here in everyone’s price range so please consider supporting my continued work by purchasing one or more premium trading tools.
Thinkorswim Trading Platform

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Volume Profile

Similar to Market Profile, but uses volume data in place of price data. Includes Alerts and Scans

IV Percentile

For daily charts. displays the current IV, along with 52 Wk and 6 Mnth IV percentile. Scans included.

Divergence Lines

Plots lines indicating the presence of positive and negative divergence. Each measures divergence for two different lower study plots. Scans and Alerts included.

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