Thinkorswim TTM Squeeze Watchlist 80

Custom Watchlist Columns Based on the TTM Squeeze Histogram

Thinkorswim TTM Squeeze Watchlist

Thinkorswim TTM Squeeze Watchlist

With this tool, just a quick glance is all it takes to see which stocks are trending. This video shows you how to display the TTM Squeeze histogram colors in a custom watchlist column. Add multiple columns to the watchlist, each referencing a different time frame. Easily see which stocks have the TTM Squeeze direction aligned across multiple time frames. Free custom code is included below. Just follow instructions in the video to copy/paste this code and create your very own custom watchlist columns.

No source code is disclosed as the Thinkorswim platform provides access to the plots while keeping the proprietary code out of sight.

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Click and drag interface to build custom watchlist columns. No code experience required:

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*Thinkorswim is a chart analysis platform offered by TD

TD Ameritrade provides financial services including the trading of Stocks, Futures, Options and Forex.

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Here is the code used to create your own custom watchlist columns as demonstrated in the video below.

input price = CLOSE;
input length = 20;
input nK = 1.5;
input nBB = 2.0;
input alertLine = 1.0;
def squeezeHistogram = TTM_Squeeze(price, length, nK, nBB, alertLine).Histogram;
plot hist = if squeezeHistogram>= 0 then if squeezeHistogram > squeezeHistogram[1] then 2 else 1 else if squeezeHistogram < squeezeHistogram[1] then -2 else -1;
AssignBackgroundColor(if squeezeHistogram >= 0 then if squeezeHistogram > squeezeHistogram[1] then color.CYAN else color.BLUE else if squeezeHistogram < squeezeHistogram[1] then color.RED else color.YELLOW);
hist.assignvaluecolor(if squeezeHistogram >= 0 then if squeezeHistogram > squeezeHistogram[1] then color.CYAN else color.BLUE else if squeezeHistogram < squeezeHistogram[1] then color.RED else color.YELLOW);

Watch the video, Thinkorswim TTM Squeeze Watchlist below:

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80 thoughts on “Thinkorswim TTM Squeeze Watchlist

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      You can display those values by finding the last line of code and removing it. That last line of code begins with “hist.assignvaluecolor”. However you will find it only displays values from negative 2 to positive 2. These values were intended to enable each column to be sorted, so that colors are grouped together.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      If the watchlist column is displaying the colors then you have successfully applied the code. I’m not sure why you mentioned the histogram. The histogram would only appear on the chart and not on the watchlist column. Perhaps I don’t understand your question.

  • Karim

    Hello Mr. Hahn,
    I downloaded the Thinkorswim TTM Squeeze Watchlist. Some of the stocks don’t display color codes. I’m getting message as “Custom Expression Subscription Limit Exceeded”. Please advice about this message. I would appreciate it. Thank you very much.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      You will find information about this error in our Q&A Forum. The error message provides all the information you need. Which is that you have exceeded the fixed limit of custom quotes provided by the platform.

  • Francia H Cifuentes

    Hello. Thank you so much for your videos. You are AMAZING !!!! I want to ask you what do I have to change to set the squeeze up for diferent time frames. I wd like Daily and 1 hour. Thank you.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Please check the video again. The time frame is set at the very top of the code editor when adding the code to the custom watchlist column. This was shown in the video but you must have missed it.

  • Jay

    First, Thanks for the scan. A suggestion for another scan…how bout a scan that shows when the histogram changes from red to yellow. That way hopefully catch a bottom and than get in early. I’m off to donate. Really appreciate your free help.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Check the forum. There are a very large number of variations of this already published there. FYI, we do not accept “donations”. Hahn-Tech is a for-profit company and we are not able to accept donations. But your “Voluntary Contribution” is greatly appreciated.

  • Jeff

    Just a thought … When a security is highlighted in the list, rather that showing a number (-1, -2 …) might it be able to show Y, LB, DB, R … for … (Yellow, LightBlue, DarkBlue, Red)

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      You can do that but then you will not be able to sort by that column to view stocks grouped by color. Text values do not sort correctly in a custom watchlist column.

  • BMartin1776

    Any idea why the this wouldnt update in the watchlist?

    I scalp, so I have mine setup for 5 min and 1 min squeeze (with color columns from the earlier vid you provided) BUT today I had one stock that was in a squeeze for well over 30mins via a 5 min chart that was not showing up red on this, and same at the 1 min

    I had to go into the edit feature and simply save them again making NO changes at all to the code for them to display the correct status of the stock I was watching.

    • Pete Hahn Post author

      Sorry but I really have no idea why that would happen under normal operation. I have seen it take 3-5 minutes for custom columns to updated under normal circumstances. And I have seen much longer delays when they were having problems. But I haven’t seen any problems in the last several weeks. I suggest you contact TD Ameritrade support if this continues.