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Tutorial Videos for Thinkorswim Charting

A collection of videos and articles providing custom chart studies. Also included are instructions on how to use and navigate charts in Thinkorswim. You are encouraged to use the left side-menu to navigate among topics that interest you. (view as desktop for best experience) The left side-menu will help you keep track of where you are, and which content you have already viewed.

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Listed below you will find all the videos and articles included in the TOS Charting category.

TDA thinkMoney Summer 2015

TDA thinkMoney Summer 2015

This video is based on an article in the Summer 2015 edition of the thinkMoney magazine. Page 35 of this edition contains a description of how to use a TD Ameritrade proprietary indicator called MarketForecast. In this video I demonstrate a customized version of this indicator which can be applied as an overlay to any of your favorite momentum indicators.

Thinkorswim MTF MACD Indicator 52

Three time frames packed into a single MACD? How is that possible? Check it out and see for yourself. The link to download this free custom indicator is embedded within the video. It’s very important you watch the video all the way through in order to understand what this indicator does, and how to adjust it to fit your needs. It will only work on time based charts. Sorry, tick and range charts are not supported.

Thinkorswim MTF MACD Indicator

Thinkorswim Shared Workspace

So one of your trading pals shared their workspace with you. Now what? Need to know the step-by-step process for importing their shared workspace into your Thinkorswim platform? You’ve found it. Or do you have a trading pal that want’s your chart layouts and need a convenient way to share it with them? You’ve found it. In this video we show you both sides of the process. How to share and how to import a shared workspace.

Thinkorswim Shared Workspace

Thinkorswim Multiple Monitors

Thinkorswim Multiple Monitors 11

Part 3 demonstrates how to create duplicate windows in the Thinkorswim platform. These windows are then assigned to display your saved custom chart layouts. Four duplicate windows are created. You are then shown how to distribute them across four separate monitors. You then learn how to save that as a workspace layout. This workspace remembers where each window is placed. The saved workspace can be reloaded at any time. Multiple workspaces can be saved.