Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues 3

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues 3

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues 3

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues 3

Avoid the most common spreadsheet issues that rob you of time and energy. Learn to fix issues once they have surfaced. Over a dozen examples demonstrated. This video series will help you build spreadsheets more efficiently, more consistently and more uniform. All in less time.

Topics covered in this series:

  • Formulas
  • Formatting
  • Page Layout

This video is part 3 in the series. Print Layout topics covered include:

  • I know virtually every user of spreadsheets have at some point tried to print a document only to find orphan columns. Columns that failed to print on the intended page. The video shows how to correct this.
  • Changing the page orientation can be the right tool for the job. This video shows that it’s not always the quick fix it appears to be. We explore other methods to achieve even better results.
  • Setting the print area can be useful when you need to print only a portion of the data present on the spreadsheet. This video shows how to set and clear the print area.
  • I have found for most spreadsheet user the topic of page breaks is a vast and mysterious wasteland. This video lifts the curtain on page breaks and demonstrate how to tame these wild beasts.
  • The video finishes off by demonstrating how to print text on every page as well as how to print text to the header/footer area.

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues 3: I’m here to help.

Ah, the never ending quest to get all your columns and rows to print on each page in a uniform and consistent manner. With equal margins, maximizing the page real estate and making the fonts clearly legible. It took me years of practice to learn the easist and most constant tools to get the job down. This video reveals those tricks learned over countless hours staring at the screen.

Maintaining a consistent and uniform appearance across all elements of your spreadsheet can be exhausting. After so many hours spent getting the formatting just write, it can be very frustrating to find the print layout needs just as much attention. This video gives you the tools and understanding necessary  to optimize your spreadsheets from the ground up.

If you don’t understand why page breaks don’t do what you expect, this video is a must watch.

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