Spreadsheet Logical IF Error Traps

Spreadsheet Logical IF Error Traps 

Spreadsheet Logical IF Error Traps

Spreadsheet Logical IF Error Traps

(Price Catalog Mini Project 4 of 4)

Nesting the ISERROR() function within the first argument of a logical IF() function. A very powerful method of testing for errors and directing the output based on conditions. I call this the Error Trap. This video will show you how to detect and trap errors, displaying an alternative output in place of the error code. When used in conjunction with the VLOOKUP() function, this method will ensure your formulas only return perfectly accurate data. Be sure to view parts 1 through 3 of this series to get the full benefit from part 4. Have you ever wanted to apply a VLOOKUP function but use multiple data sources? Not sure how to avoid those annoying error codes? This video shows how to do it cleanly and robustly.

Topics Covered in Spreadsheet Logical IF Error Traps:

  • The three arguments of the IF() function
  • Examination of the ISERROR() function
  • Explanation of formula ‘nesting’
  • Putting it all together

Packed with 25 minutes of advanced content. Presented in a format simple enough for the novice to grasp. After explaining the individual pieces you learn in stages how to fold them into very complex nested formulas.

Functions demonstrated include:


This video is part of the series titled: Price Catalog Mini Project. This series lays the foundations for the full-scale price catalog project.

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