Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues

Avoid the most common spreadsheet issues that rob you of time and energy. Learn to fix issues once they have surfaced. Over a dozen examples demonstrated. This video series will help you build spreadsheets more efficiently, with a more consistent and uniform feel. All in less time.

Topics covered in this series:

  • Formulas
  • Formatting
  • Page Layout

This video is part 1 in the series. Formula topics covered include:

  • Safest ways to complete the editing of a cell’s formula
  • The hazards of copying formulas from other spreadsheet files.
  • Understanding the difference between relative and absolute references
  • Avoiding circular references
  • Detecting and removing invisible data from cells

Resolving Common Spreadsheet Issues: I’m here to help

We’ve all run into a situation where the formula we just edited becomes corrupted when we click the mouse on an erroneous part of the spreadsheet. You will learn the safe way to exit a cell.

Many I’ve coached over the years are completely unaware of what actually takes place when you copy a formula from one spreadsheet file to another. There are times when it’s desirable but when done without understanding the ramifications it can lead to hours of debugging. I will demonstrate exactly what is taking place, and how to repair it.

A vast majority of spreadsheet ‘gurus’ or completely unaware what an absolute reference is. This video explains the How, Why and Where. The behavior of relative and absolute references are vastly different. Learn to use those differences to your advantage.

Almost everyone who has worked in spreadsheets as accidentally created a circular reference. If they are presented an error message, they typically don’t bother reading it. This video explains how to avoid and repair circular references.

Unwanted data can creep into your spreadsheet in surprising ways. Not all of it is easily seen with the naked eye. Unwanted data can creating debugging nightmares. This video demonstrates how to detect and fix these issues.

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